Article 17 Passed by a 2/3rds Majority

In probably one of the fastest Town Meetings in recent memory, Article 17 was put to a quick vote and needed a 2/3rds majority. I’m happy to say after a long 7 year battle, with the Dennis Port Revitalization Committee advocating for an increase in the length of stay for SRC owners, the bylaw was changed tonight to allow Seasonal Resort Communities to stay open until Dec. 31st. The vote was 294 in favor and 46 opposed. That gives the owners an additional 8 weeks to spend in Dennis Port. You can read the entire bylaw in a previous article. This was a win for the owners, a win for the Town of Dennis and a win for Dennis Port.

On behalf of the DPRC, both present and past members, a big Thank You to everyone who turned out and voted Yes for Article 17 tonight. Also, Congratulations to the Dennis Fire Dept. on the approved funding for 8 new firefighters.