Space Station over Dennis Port Tonight

If the sky remains clear tonight at 7:57:55 pm and you look to the NW, you will see the space station come into view as it heads SSW and at 8:01:08 it will be directly over Dennis Port and it will remain in view until 8:04:20. When you first see it at 7:57:55 it will be traveling over the Great Lakes in Michigan and 6 minutes later when you lose sight of the space station it will be south of Bermuda. What is really amazing as you watch it streak across the sky, it is in orbit at 249 miles from earth and traveling at 17, 150 mph or 286 miles per minute. If we are fortunate to have a clear sky tonight ( Mon. 8/15/16 ) it will have traveled 1,858 miles, give or take a mile or two.

It doesn’t get any closer or brighter than this and it’s early enough for the kids to see and enjoy. Find a clear open space for maximum visibility. Set your alarm for 7:57 tonight